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Ice drilling related meetings convened by the IDPO-IDDO and/or the larger ice drilling community


Subglacial Access Drilling: IDPO Science Planning Workshop

workshop logoScientific discoveries achieved from, within, and beneath the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, ice caps and valley glaciers are critical to society today, but large group endeavors are not achieved without significant advance planning. What is your vision for your future subglacial science? The U.S. Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) is sponsoring an interdisciplinary science community planning workshop to identify the science drivers, locations, and associated target dates of subglacial access drilling for the coming decade. The goal of this workshop is to form consensus within the U.S. science community on specific scientific goals, target locations, and associated dates for major science projects that will require subglacial access drilling over the coming decade, possibly in joint endeavors with international partners. This information will be used in the 2016-2026 update of the IDPO Long Range Science Plan, which is the foundation for identifying and developing appropriate drilling technologies for use in larger projects defined by the U.S. science community. This workshop will be held on May 22-23, 2016, at the Washington Dulles Marriott Suites Hotel in Herndon, VA. All interested scientists who will be seeking science funding from a U.S. agency are encouraged to participate, including, but not limited to, those from the fields of glaciology, paleoclimatology, glacial geology, biology, and earth science. Scientists may come to the meeting prepared with a 10-minute presentation to "make the case" for drilling at a site during a target timeline, for the science that they are likely to propose in the near-term or long-term future.

There is no registration fee for the meeting. For more information, visit the WORKSHOP'S WEBSITE.

Community Workshop on Ice Coring

workshop logo Community members interested in identifying the next deep and intermediate-depth drilling sites in Greenland and Antarctica (using the DISC Drill or Intermediate Depth Drill) are invited to participate with the Ice Core Working Group in a short meeting to identify community consensus on the target sites and dates at the upcoming IDPO Community Workshop on Ice Coring at U.C. Irvine on February 26 & 27, 2014. Results from these discussions will form the basis of the drilling sites identified in the Long Range Science Plan for 2014-2024. There is no registration fee for the meeting. For more information, visit the WORKSHOP'S WEBSITE.

Scientific Drilling in the Polar Regions Town Hall :: 2013 AGU Fall Meeting

AGU logo On 12 December 2013, IDPO held a Town Hall meeting at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting entitled 'Scientific Drilling in the Polar Regions', during which the research community heard updates on recent planning from IDPO-IDDO, the National Ice Core Laboratory-Science Management Office, International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS), the Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID) development project, the Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling (WISSARD) project and the status of its hot water drill, and the ANDRILL Coulman High Project.


7th International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology

workshop logo The 7th International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology will be held from 9-13 September 2013 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. As more information about the workshop becomes available it will posted on the workshop's website at: http://icedrill.org/7th-international-workshop-on-ice-drilling-technology/.



IPICS 2012 Open Science Conference

The first Open Science Conference of the International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) will be held from 1-5 October 2012 at the beautiful setting of the Belembra club, situated on the border of the Mediterranean Sea in one of the best spots of the French Côte d'Azur.

The objective of the conference is to present, discuss and put into perspective the most recent results of past and current ice core drilling projects (deep drillings such as EPICA, WAIS Divide, NEEM, TALDICE,... but also shallow drillings) in Antarctica and Greenland. Other ice core drilling projects conducted in non-polar glaciers or in other Arctic sites are also welcome. For more information, please visit the conference web site at: http://www.ipics2012.org/.

2011 Ice Drilling Science Community Planning Workshop

On April 15-16, 2011 the IDPO sponsored an interdisciplinary ice community workshop to identify future Arctic and Antarctic drilling/coring sites, the ice drilling technology that will be needed, and the timeline over the coming decade for conducting scientific endeavors important for advancing science on many frontiers. Results from the workshop were reflected in updates to the science descriptions, timeline and planning matrices in the Long Range Science Plan and Long Range Drilling Technology Plan to help ensure that the drilling technology will be ready when needed by the science.

For more information about the workshop, visit the workshop's web site at: www.icedrill.org/science-planning-workshop-2011/.

6th International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology

The 6th International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology was held at the US Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on 17-23 September 2006. Proceedings from the workshop are published in Annals of Glaciology, volume 47 (2007).

Proceedings from earlier "workshops on ice drilling technology" can be found inside our Library.