Repository of drilling documents and publications for the ice science community

ICWG (Ice Core Working Group)
Citation Year
Ice Core Working Group . 2003 . Recommendation of the Ice Core Working Group to the National Science Foundation on Deep Ice Core Drill Options, 2003
Ice Core Working Group . 2003 . U.S. Ice Core Science: Recommendations for the Future, 2003
Ice Core Working Group . 2000 . WAISCORES: A Science and Implementation Plan for Climate, Cryobiology and Ice Dynamics Studies in West Antarctica, 2000
Ice Core Working Group . 1998 . Ice Core Contributions to Global Change Research: Past Successes and Future Directions, 1998
Ice Core Working Group . 1991 . WAISCORES: 1991, 1991
Ice Core Working Group . 1989 . U.S. Global Ice Core Research Program: West Antarctica and Beyond, 1989
U.S. Ice Core Research Workshop . 1988 . Compiled Reports of the U.S. Ice Core Research Workshop, 1988
National Academy of Sciences . 1986 . Recommendations for a U.S. Ice Coring Program, 1986
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