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Outreach Support for Scientists

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Multiple IDPO Sponsored Events
Featured Jim White at IPY 2012

The mission of IDPO’s Education Program is to enable effective educational outreach to teachers, students and the public on behalf of, and in collaboration with the ice drilling and coring community.

Activities support two primary goals:

  • Providing materials and services for educational audiences
  • Building a collaborative infrastructure to leverage research outcomes and outreach activities from individually funded ice core projects

How IDPO Can Support You:
  • Partnering for "Broader Impacts" on NSF Proposals
    (Note: you must contact IDPO via an email to six weeks before you submit your proposal.)
  • Featuring You/Your Science at Education Conferences
    See Past IDPO Outreach Participants, below
  • Tailoring Presentations for Education Audiences
    See Example Template for Videoconferences (see below)
  • Scheduling Classroom Visits: Pre-planning with Teacher and Scientist; Lesson Design
  • Conducting Local Workshops, with Travel Support Provided by Your Project
  • Translating Your Research for Public Audiences
    See Example at:

Collaboration Opportunities:

Spruce doing videoconference for Checking Out
Your Team with 2012 AP Environmental Studies
high school class

Past IDPO Outreach Participants:

Jim White Spruce Schoenemann
Ed Brook Bradley Markle
Jeff Severinghaus Kaitlin Keegan
Joe McConnell Alden Adolph
Richard Alley Gifford Wong
Gary Clow Lou Albershardt
Julie Palais Tanner Kuhl
Murat Aydin Atsu Muto
Jay Johnson Mary Albert (back-up for conflicts)
Zoe Courville  

Join the List!

Email Louise Huffman at to become involved.

Additional Resources
Classroom Visits:

For those of you who would like in-depth information about current educational standards and pedagogy (the art of teaching), the following two web resources offer valuable background information, checklists and how-to's related primarily to classroom visits:

National Earth Science Teachers Association: Scientists in Schools:

AGI/AAPG: Visiting Geoscientists: An Outreach Guide for Geoscience Professionals

Policy Discussions:

AGU offers training and opportunities for you to contribute to outreach at the national level on congressional visit days or as a resource for reporters needing science support:

Communicating Science:

AAAS’s Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology offers workshops, resources and how-to tips for communicating science to the public: