Electrical Engineer (Madison, WI) - October, 2021

The Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is hiring an electrical engineer to support the activities of the U.S. Ice Drilling Program (IDP).

This position requires periodic travel to Antarctica, Greenland and other polar regions for 1-3 month periods to provide technical support and field operation of equipment.

The candidate will work closely with multidisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers and technicians to develop state-of-the art unique ice coring and drilling systems for use in the polar regions. The candidate will support the development of engineering requirements; system design; component procurement; part fabrication; and system assembly, test and operational use. This includes defining and conducting trade studies and leading the development of electrical, electro-mechanical and thermal subsystems. Responsibilities may include leading test program activities, procedure development, definition and development of unique test hardware, analysis of test data, and producing test reports. This position will support the maintenance, problem resolution, and upgrade activities for legacy ice drilling systems and will maintain communications with internal and external partners.

Three years of direct engineering experience is preferred for this position. The ideal candidate will have experience with the specification of components for AC power distribution systems up to 480V and for motion systems, and experience selecting values for the typical parameters in programmable motor drives. Ideal candidates will understand the fundamentals of power conversion. Candidates should be familiar with the specifications of electrical/electronic components for ruggedized systems operated in harsh environments. Candidates should be able to identify electrical noise sources, susceptible subsystems, and have knowledge of mitigation techniques, as well as knowledge of the fundamentals of data communications. Ideal candidates will be able to design PCB circuits for analog signal conditioning and PCB circuits with microcontrollers and digital circuits implemented in programmable logic.

Desired skills include:

  • Wiring diagram drawing tools
  • Schematic capture tools
  • PCB layout tools
  • Programmable logic design tools
  • Embedded software development and documentation
  • Experience with instrumentation including digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers
  • Writing skills to produce documentation, fabrication and test procedures, and operations and maintenance manuals

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